Synchronize to external HDD, multiple Windows Standard User accounts

Hello - I'm running DOpus 12 Pro on Win7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit. For many years, as part of my backup process, in addition to backing up files and folders with Macrium Reflect I have been using the Synchronize tool in DOpus to synch my data from my desktop to several external hard drives.

I have been using this process on my desktop which I have set up with a Standard User account for myself in addition to the Administrator account which I use only when necessary. I use the Standard account with DOpus to synch my data to the external hard drives.

I would like to use the DOpus synchronize tool in a similar fashion on another desktop on which I am not the primary user. On this second desktop the primary user and I both are set up as Standard Users. I would like to use the DOpus synchronize tool to synch the primary user's data to external hard drives.

What would be the best way to do this without running into permissions problems on synching to the external hard drives and copying back from the external hard drives to the second desktop?

When performing the 'backup' synch on this second desktop should I log on to my Standard account? To the primary user's Standard account? As Administrator? Something else?


You'd need to run Opus under an account that can access the files you want to read (and write to the destination you want to write to, of course).

Logging in as the same user whose files you want to back up and running Opus normally is probably best, if you cannot access the files from the account you would normally log in as.

Thanks, Leo. This is what I was expecting to hear. I just wanted confirmation that I was on the right path. Thanks!