Synchronizing 2 computers

I'm feeling about as dumb as paint right now! I've searched the manual, FAQs, and the Internet, but with no luck.

What I want to do is probably what others have wanted to do, so there must be a way. Given 2 computers or 2 partitions, synchronize them one way, so that older files are replaced by newer ones on the destination and missing ones are copied over to the destination as well.

From my experiments, neither "date (newer)" or "date (newer) or size" will do this, nor any of the other options. It seems like a common task, so I must be missing something. Please help!

So... from your statements about your 'experiments' you're obviously using the Synchronize utility in Dopus. Can you say what about the 'date (newer)' Compare method doesn't seem to be working the way you expect?

Just use the ROBOCOPY-command, freely available from Microsoft. I use this in batch files to synchronize backups, Favorites, things I transport to/from work, it syncs my USB stick and USB harddrives, etc. I even use it at several customers for different sync jobs at servers, laptops, etc.

It's simple to use, here's an example:

robocopy /MIR "C:\To Home" "U:\To Home"

I haven't used it directly in DOpus before, only in batch files, but that should be trivial. Comes with the "Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools", available from ... 8c4790cffd

Good luck!
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Why would you bother when Opus has this functionality built in?

My question regarding DO's ability to do this is... how can u automate it? or create a button that you press and it auto sycnchronizes, without...

  1. having to go thru the process manually each time
  2. loading up a seperate saved DO lister with the presets already in places

I would bother with ROBOCOPY since not every computer I fiddle with has DOpus installed, and since implementing a ROBOCOPY-solution is just a matter of copying an EXE-file to the path before you can start playing. It's simple, efficient, and so far hasn't failed me even once...

I've many a time thought about looking into DOpus' ability to synchronize, but time has failed me. I'll watch this thread to see if someone comes up with something simple that works.


If you want to automate a simple one-way synchronize you can use the Copy UPDATEALL or Copy UPDATEEXISTING=date commands which do just that.

Note that UPDATEALL copies files only based on size and won't check dates for some reason. (I'll file a feature request to give it the same arguments as UPDATEEXISTING.)

UPDATEALL does size or date. You can't make it do only date however.