Syntax coloured source-code viewer (32 & 64 bit)

Your post mentioned msvcp71.dll, msvcr71.dll and Scintilla.dll, these are related to the old plugin (the first link in leo's post) which doesn't work on 64-bit machines. I think that's where the confusion comes in.

But yes, you shouldn't need to do anything with dlls, just install the software, make sure the ActiveX viewer is enabled, and optionally configure which extensions it handles as described above :slight_smile:

[Edit: Posted at the same time as spiralx's message; sorry for the repetition.]

JimDot, if you follow the link at the top of this thread -- -- then you get an installer that you just have run, after which it should just work.

You don't need Scintilla.dll; you don't need to copy SourcePreviewHnadler.dll anywhere (the installer copies it to where it needs to be). AFAIK you don't need the msvc*71.dlls either (or if you do the installer will take care of them).

None of those DLLs should be placed in the Opus plugins folder; if you've still got copies there that you made yourself you should delete them in case they cause problems.

You said, "as others have posted, I'm unable to get this viewer to show up in the list of viewers," but I don't see anyone else posting about problems with this viewer, only about the other viewer in the other thread. That other viewer needs Scintilla.dll but this one doesn't. That's why I assume you're confusing the two viewers/threads. (Edit: Having re-read this thread, there was one set of messages about problems with this viewer, but I that was just confusion about it not being an editor (like the other one), just a viewer.)

(There is some mention of Scintilla in this thread but ignore that; it's just people talking about other similar components.)

I took an interest in this after seeing it supports kml files but unfortunately the link doesn't work for me... all I get is a page saying "No input file specified ".

What am I doing wrong...?

The link changed:

Thanks, all working now.

(Discussion about writing an alternative source-code viewer was split into a separate topic in the Plugin Development area.)


Not sure you you are still following this, but I also struggled initially and then realised I was looking in the wrong place.

The Source Code View comes into action for Source Code types as configured - see Leo's note above.

I wanted to use this to view html source (colour coded). Add html to the list of "source" types, and voila! It also uses the same colour scheme that Notepad++ uses for html.

The source preview handler now requires a licence for Smart FTP.

The most recent version (with Windows 8 support) is; an earlier version ( doesn't have the licence requirement.


Effectively, the latest version (1.0.6) requires a licence for Smart FTP. Do you know where we can download an earlier version?




Since the latest version available on the net for the SmartSoft Code Preview Handler need a license (1.0.6) , I found this one which is free:

Also, if you want to add more extensions for the different preview handler in this package, you can use this editor: ... ditor.aspx

Cool, I saw that ages ago when I found the SmartSoft one, but it was (I think) harder to get running and not as feature complete back then... will have another look, it's bound to have come along a long way since then!

Thank you MentholMoose (like the name). I'll be giving these a try soon.

Anyone have a copy of the latest non-license-required version of Source Preview Handler for x64? I don't need a new FTP client, I already pay for another one and have a few other free ones, so I don't want to shell out $$ just for the viewer, and the alternatives aren't quite as good. It'd be mucho appreciated.

Hey GeekDrop.

I have the version you want. Email me at


The Source Preview Handler requires a license for SmartFTP.

What's the hell? You want $60 for this toy?
I don't need any ftp!

The viewer component in made by the SmartFTP authors and just happens to be written in a way which means it also works within the viewers of both Directory Opus and Windows Explorer. (It is a Preview Handler, which all three programs can use.)

No one here is selling the component. It was free at the time the thread was started by another forum member with no connection to SmartFTP. At some point after that, the free version was replaced by a newer version which only works if you've also bought SmartFTP.

I've added a note to the first post so it says it's not free anymore.

The older free version above works fine

Do you still have Source Preview Handler Free version?