System administration


im using opus-10 in win7-64 bit and every time i want to delete/move a file, etc windows request administration permission. is there a way to prevent it? i know there's a button on the top right but it only for several minutes. i want it permenent.


You could make a button & set a high value, like

Set ADMIN=Toggle,600

which would set the admin mode for 10 hours. However, it is not recommended:

[url]Why NOT to run Opus as Administrator under UAC]

If it is your own computer, you could grant the needed permissions of your drives to the current user
to avoid that hassle. That would be, for NTFS drives, under the properties under the "security" tab.

[quote="abr"]However, it is not recommended:

[url]Why NOT to run Opus as Administrator under UAC][/quote]

The FAQ is about running Opus itself elevated, which is not recommended for the reasons in the FAQ, but elevating a window within Opus using the Admin Mode feature is fine, even if you want to use a really long timeout.

Ok, then it´s even better, although it requires a password once per session (which should be much better than to have to type it every time a file is processed).

It only requires a password if Opus is running under a standard user account. We're probably talking about the more common situation of a UAC-limited admin account where you'd just need to click 'yes'.