"system could not find the file" for newly created file/folder?

DOPUS 12.16 installed
With every attempt to save a name for a newly created folder I keep getting the following alert: "error occurred creating folder---The system could not find the file specified".

An identical error message also appears on trying to name (not rename) files. A similar one pops up when dragging an existing file to a different window/folder.

What can I do to make this better?

Is this happening on a NAS (what type?) or on a local drive?

What happens if you try to create the same name in the same place in File Explorer?

Apologies for not providing that additional info. This happens on the local C drive (NTFS) as well as externals formatted in exFAT. Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit, version 1903, Build 18362.295

Since transferring Explorer duties to DOpus Pro, aside from uninstalling DOpus I'm at a loss as to how to bring back Explorer for a curtain call.

Update: I think I found the reason behind all these file/folder edit/save/move issues; I changed the setting on Windows Controlled Folder Access from 'on' to 'off'. Ever since reinstalling on a replacement desktop there have been numerous Windows UAC permissions granted, leaving me totally perplexed as to their cause. Searching "UAC" here in the forums uncovered a similar situation another user was experiencing. It seems to be working more as I've been accustomed to.

If you need to run Explorer, you can still get to it via the Start Menu, or by running explorer.exe.

UAC should not stop you creating folders. You might get a UAC prompt, if you try to create a folder in a protected location, but that should be it.

Windows Controlled Folder Access is different to UAC and, from what I can tell, is a "security feature" of Microsoft's antivirus that blocks apps from creating folders. If Opus was added to the list of blocked apps there then it would make sense it was interfering with creating folders (and probably other things) in Opus.

Thanks for the explorer shortcut reminder. Shoulda known.

You're also correct in that it's Controlled Folder Access and not UAC which is the more determinant setting for these issues. It was a UAC-titled thread I read on this forum which went on to mention Controlled Folder Access. It was at that point when the lightbulb here came on.

Again, grazie Leo.

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