System error while syncing

I tried doing a synchronizing between a local folder and folder on the network

After a while i get errors like

An error occured copying "filename"
The system cannot find the path specified. (3)

Which I find odd, since everything is there.
I then searched for 'filename' found the sub folder - change source and destination to be the that folder and synced again and this time there was no error.

Is there a way to avoid this error without going to subfolders?

Maybe the network drive (or network itself) went down for a moment during the first sync?

It's a NAS and it doesn't go down for anything else.

And its a frequent error when I try to sync, just the first time i write about it. I also seem to remember (but not sure) that it happened during copy (so instead i used windows explorer for that)

The file names are quite long, that isn't a problem is it?

Long names shouldn't be a problem with Opus, but might be with some NAS devices.

As I said its not a problem from Internet Explorer.

There may be a slight difference in how Explorer and Opus copy files which is confusing the NAS, since most things are only tested with Explorer. (It could be lots of other things as well but I can only really guess without access to the same hardware/network setup.)

If you want Opus to use Explorer's file-copy code when copying to that device, you can use this button do to that: Copy files via the shell (Windows Explorer).

Well, I wanted you to fix your bugs, but I see not much has changed since the Amiga days.

I don't know what you mean by that. Just a quick look at our release notes shows that we make hundreds of changes in response to reports and requests, and have done so consistently for at least the last decade.

We have seen a wide range of strange behaviours from different NAS devices. We have added workarounds for several of them over the years. They've never been "our bugs" but we are happy to add workarounds for them if the problem is identified and we can add a workaround that won't make things go wrong with other devices.

We can't do that without being able to reproduce what you are seeing, though. So if you want this to be addressed you will need to run Process Monitor to log the operations during the file copy and identify which operation is failing with a similar error code around the time of the error message. (Info on the type of NAS may also help, in case we can get a similar device or know someone who has one.) If you want, we can look at the log to confirm what's happening.

You'll also need to link your account if you want that level of support.