System Wide hot key for Favorites & Recent

Hello I am interested to set a system wide hot key to launch in dopus lister the favourites (of dopus) and the recent places. I have set it to work only when a dopus lister is active but I am not given the option to make system wide


I have to add that I have tried creating system wide hot key but doesn't work, seems very simple.2021-09-03_10h13_55

A button with Favorites will turn into a menu on a toolbar. What would you expect a hotkey to do?

This command should work: Go /favorites NEWTAB=tofront

(you can play with parameters, for example NEWTAB is optional as well as numerous (sub)arguments)

@bytespiller expect it to work system wide, not only when a lister has the focus but also when other apps have focus

There is a slight difference between Favorites and /favorites :wink:

Thanks this works system wide, but opens lister with windows favorites, not dopus favorites

Favorites opens a lister C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\favorites but this list doesn't reveal my favorites as shown in the picture, in the pop up menu. I want to press a key combination that shows my favorites menu (as shown in the right lister) from any app

The hotkey needs to be assigned to the menu, not the command button. That's probably the reason it can't be a system-wide hotkey.

You could assign Go LASTACTIVELISTER NEW to Shift-Alt-Y as a system-wide hotkey. Then you'll have the desired functionality with just one extra key press.

You could make a system-wide hotkey which displays a popup menu of favorites via scripting, but there isn't a simple built-in command to do it outside of a lister.