Tab completion when typing folder names?

Is there a way to make the tab key autocomplete, and then press enter to go to the folder? Instead, Tab moves to another pane/filter box.

EDIT: I had another question but found the setting I needed, so just the above question.

Is Preferences / Folders / Folder Behaviour / Path completion in path fields turned on?

(Are we talking about the path fields, or something else?)

Yea! So that works, but when I press tab it doesn't autocomplete. Instead it jumps the cursor to the quick filter.

I'm expecting something like when you type cd {tab} in cmd, it'll autocomplete the folder name and then you press enter to go to the folder.

Instead of tab, type a \ or push the right arrow key.

Oh, backlash works too! Arrow keys are a little annoying.

Now, new problem - when I type in a network drive the pop up shows intermittently, and doesn't show up at all for one of the drives (which has a million folders). But if I open the drive, all the folders show up instantly, and filter works instantly as well.

Any idea why?

If a folder takes too long to list its folders I think completion will be dropped for it, to avoid causing UI problems. (That may only happen with network drives; I'd have to check.)

There's are also some settings that change which things completion is applied to, below the main path completion setting mentioned above.

Yea, I have just "Display popup list" checked.

It looks like it is trying to load, but is very slow. Would you be able to have it only show a couple folders so it doesn't break the UI, like just the top 10-20. Then as you type it narrows down?

There's no way to narrow it down without loading the complete list of folders.

Good point.

Though, opening the actual drive is instant, why wouldn't it be able to parse the list instantly as well?

It's possible that path completion starts the directory listing being retrieved, but then gives up as it takes too long, but then when you finally land in the folder the data is already cached locally as a result, so it is faster.

The mechanism to list the folders is the same in both cases, so if one is fast and the other slow, it's going to come down to OS-level caching or something similar.

This is assuming path completion is actually turned on for network drives, and working for others.

So did a little testing. It's definitely the same process as the "Add folder dialog".

I have a couple of network drives, "E:" has >6k folders, "F:" has 700, and "G:" has 15. The pop up is instant for G:, ~20 seconds for "F:", and probably a few minutes for "E:" but I didn't time it.

All of them load instantly if I just navigate to the drives in the viewer. It's just that dialog box and the autocomplete popup that are slow. Though, the dialog box makes DOpus freeze until things are loaded.

@Jon said in the other thread that you are working to improve that in the next update?

If you open the pop-up after navigating to the folders, is it still slow? Or is this the result of one thing caching the data for the other?

Yea, sorry meant to say that. If I have it open in the current tab and try to type the folder name in the nav bar, it'll still take the same amount of time if the drive wasn't open in a tab. Auto filter box is instant though.

Thanks for checking!

Looking at the change Jon made for the Add Folder Dialog, it's specific to that dialog, but it's possible that path completion could benefit from something similar. (I'm not very familiar with that part of the code myself so I can't give a definitive answer immediately.)

The autocomplete popup shows up in those add folder dialogs, so hopefully its similar. Is there a release date for 12.6.1?