Tab customizing


I am trying my hand at customizing my copy of DO .10. and would like to specify a colour for the tabs shown in the image, can anyone tell if this can be done and if so, how?


It´s not possible. The closest you can achieve, is to assign colored icons to the drives, over properties -> customize (tab) -> folder images.
When done this way, the folder icons will be displayed in the tab icons, giving you at least colored hints about your drives.

I'm not sure what Abr is suggesting there but I think there may be some confusion. Those are style tabs, not folder tabs, so assigning icons to drives won't do anything here.

If you right-click the placeholder for the tabs while in Customize mode, the Transparent Tabs option may give you what you want, if you just want the tabs to blend in with the background more.

I mean like this:

The folder or drives color is seen in the tab icons.

That's a folder tab but the thread is about style tabs.

Yes, sorry. I had it wrong.

Thank you both for your comments and thank you leo, that has improved the look.

Back to the original question....

[quote="Davoid"]I ... would like to specify a colour for the tabs shown in the image, can anyone tell if this can be done and if so, how?

How do I change the colour of my Style Tabs please?


If you go into Customize mode and right-click the placeholder that's where the tabs appear, there are some options in the menu to change its appearance.

On of them will make the tabs the same colour as the rest of the toolbar.

Thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile: I saw that "Transparent Tabs" tip earlier in this (or another?) thread.

Sorry I was not explicit enough. I want to make some of the Style Tab different colours to each other, so that they are easier to distinguish. Adding an icon would be a bonus, but not important.

I have re-created the basic function (to behave the like a favourites list, taking me to particular folders) using buttons. But that lacks the style options. I'll play around a bit more...

You could create individual buttons for each style, and then give the buttons any colors and icons you want, but there's no way to do that type of thing with the automatically generated tabs, unfortunately.

Thanks very much Leo.

I had a fiddle around and using customised buttons is the obvious solution. It's funny to discover this simple difference after several years of using DO!

(BTW, it a great program!)