Tab display issue

I have various tab setups all in groups. The first image shows a screen shot from the tab that is the default tab to display when I oen the Photoshop group.

Please not the lack of sort fields across the top of the file display.

When I open the next tab in the group I get this:

Note that sort fields are at the top of the display now.

If i swap the default display field the situation is reversed. In other workds the default Tab in each group never displays the sort field.

Is this by design? Is it a bug? Or, most likely, what am I doing wrong in the setup

Call off the dogs. I have found the problem. Configuration issue. Mea Culpa

I thought I has sussed out the problem, but I have not.

This image shows the top of the file display for the default Tab in my group Photoshop. Note there are no tabs at the top of the file display allowing me to sort.

This image shows another tab from the same tab group. Where the tabs are present. This is the case with all the tabs in the group apart from the default. (In fact the behaviour is exhibited in all the tab groups I have) I have checked and in each instance the format comes from the appropriate tab, as you would expect.

What is really interesting is that if I change the default tab in any group, the new default tab loses the headers.

Am I doing something wrong? How can I make the default tab the same as the rest. I have even tried deleting a whole tab group and recreating it from scratch, with no avail.

Which version of Opus are you using?

How are you opening the window, and the tab group(s)?

How are the tab groups configured? If tabs are involved, please show them.

I am using the latest 12 beta

I launch the tab groups from buttons on the Lister that opens when Windows 10 boots

This is how I open the tabs

This is config page for my Tab groups

These are the relevant parts of my config for the default tab used in this group of pictures. The other parts of the config have no entries that I have edited

Is this with the latest beta 12.0.15?

Would it be possible to email a config backup (Settings > Backup & Restore) to ? That may save time, since it looks like quite a complicated setup to re-create, and may only happen if a particular detail is just right. I've tried with a very simple tab group and haven't seen the problem so far, but there are quite a few differences between my setup and yours, just from what I can see, and probably some more which are hidden.

If the config has FTP passwords, you can delete them from the backup by renaming the .ocb to .zip, then deleting ftp.oxc and ftpdef.oxc from the ConfigFiles subfolder.