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I like Tab freature used in Total Commander. Can it be supported in next Dopus release?

cheming wrote:
I like Tab freature used in Total Commander. Can it be supported in next Dopus release?[/quote]

What is this 'tab feature'?

Anything like the style tabs in Opus 8?

Imagine the tabs used in Firefox (or any other tabbed browser) but with each tab being a lister. So you could have more than two listers open in any given DOpus instance.

You should be able to drag tabs from one lister to another to either duplicate or move them. You should be able to drag items to a tab to either move or duplicate the items. Double-clicking on a tab should close it. Double-clicking on an empty spot in the tab bar should automatically open a new lister. You should be able to drag a folder to the tab bar to open that folder as a new tab. You should be able to drag any appropriate file to the tab bar to open a viewer pane as a tab.

It's an incredibly flexible way to deal with files and folders. Once you get used to it, it's hard to go back to just a 1- or 2-lister set up.

Who uses 1 or 2 listers? You can open as many as you want with opus. I have it set to open a new lister on double-click of the desktop and often have many open all setup differently, all for different things.

From your description the feature would be handy in a file manager which limits the user to one window like those lesser ones do. In Opus it's redundant. Just open more listers as you need them, open layouts to open specific lister setups, or use the tabs in the lister styles to modify the setup of an existing lister, setup hotkeys to open layouts, or listers, etc etc etc.

Even if you like having just one main lister in dual mode, using style tabs you can change this lister to any mode you want (including viewerpanes and paths etc). If you want to modify the style, simply RMB on the tab and update.

The tabs you describe are simply to attempt to overcome the limitations of these file managers. Opus doesn't need them due to it's multi-lister approach.

I can see a use for this idea. We've always been able to open lots of web browser windows but tabbed browsing is still useful because it collects them all into one top-level window which is much easier to deal with, particularly if you have several other applications open, cluttering the taskbar.

I don't know if I would use the feature myself, and I'm not sure how it would work witha dual-mode lister (two sets of tabs??) but I don't think it's a bad idea.

I don't necessarily disagree with you. But I don't fully agree either.

Total Commander, for instance, can be launched as many times as you want (there's an option also for limiting it to one instance). So I wouldn't go so far as to say tabs are there to overcome a single-instance limitation.

As nudel points also points out, the main benefit of tabs is organization. It can get obnoxious and frustrating to have too many windows open at once. I tend to work almost exclusively in a dual-lister/commander-style set up. Although I sometimes bring up a second DOpus instance, it's only because I don't have a way to do what I want to do in a single instance. It's flexible, sure, but it can get messy.

With tabs, you have the option to have it all in one window, easily organizable. It could be possible to select a set of tabs to be saved as a 'tab group' in the Favorites list so if you select it, it could open all of those tabs at once, in the same positions they were in last time. Handy for when you often have to do file operations involving the same directories (especially if it involves more than two directories). Otherwise, you have to open up a number of instances equal to the number of directories you are working with by hand (or less than the number of directories if using dual listers).

Imagine how neat it would be to do something like, say, ctrl-double click on the desktop to bring up a pop-up menu of favorite tab groups. Sounds pretty useful to me.

Agreed. Having many windows opened (for me) things become less organized. That is why I have never looked back when finding MDI in web browsers (ie Opera, Firefox, Maxthon, etc).

Multiple instances/windows is useful sometimes, but as others have stated, MDI offers consolidation.

I can imagine I would find this useful if added, it would as has been said allow me to consolidate a few listers into one, as like most others I perpetually have heaps opened.

I too would find this optionvery usefull. This is the last major thing that I´d say I miss in DOpus (apart from all the lesser things... :wink: ).

And yes I wouldn´t mind having one line of Tabs per Lister. Using dualmode I would expect to have two sets of Tabs, one for each lister so as to switch between Directories on both sides quickly...

As a NetCaptor user from way back, it's a paradigm I like a lot, and I'd love to see it added to DOpus. I'd certainly use it.

Good idea!

If it is implemented, make sure there's an option to stack the tabs. Some people prefer tabs on a single line with arrows to scroll the tabs left/right. I prefer to have them stacked.

I thought about this because I like having tabs in my Maxthon - but the paradigm of Opus doesn't fit with tabs, really.

You can quickly switch between folders using favorites or aliases, and you can choose the style you want to view those with. I can't see where it's much of a burden to have to choose from Favorites, and then apply the style you want with the Style tabs.

My two yen.

Great idea, i would welcome it in one of the next versions.

As others who are clearly familiar with exactly what cheming meant by "Tab feature" have stated, the idea is about consolidation of multiple instances of an applications UI within the apps UI itself... The recent Windows feature of "grouping" similar taskbar buttons was Microsofts attempt at helping us reduce taskbar clutter... and for some it's ok, but I especially and specifically DON'T like it in the scenario Tanis actually mentioned against the idea:

[quote]tanis wrote:
Who uses 1 or 2 listers? You can open as many as you want with opus...

The comment makes me wonder if he understood the nature of the feature request. And Tanis, if you read this that's not some sort of smart alec remark... just honestly curious if you've ever seen the feature in action in apps others here have mentioned like Firefox and also Opera. Man it's great. Even my preferred code editor - UltraEdit uses a tabbed interface. OMG - if I had to have a seperate instance of the UltraEdit UI on my taskbar for every source file I work on throughout a round of debugging - sometimes upwards of 30 - I'd throw my monitor off the desk trying to navigate them on the taskbar along with all the other app windows I usually have open too.

I would pay money just to have such a feature added to a current release... or if it were the ONLY feature added to a new release.

And Tanis, again this isn't meant to nitpick on your comments in any way but:

[quote]tanis wrote:
The tabs you describe are simply to attempt to overcome the limitations of these file managers. Opus doesn't need them due to it's multi-lister approach.

What other file managers out there actually only allow one instance at a time rather than multiple? Just curious... I'd add them to my list of apps to bash and rank on when singing the praises of Dopus as the ultimate file manager :smiley:.

But Dopus is at this point the only remaining app I use that is 'important' enough to "need" a tabbed interface like this. The convenience of the feature should be as apparent in browsing your files and folders as it is in browsing the web...

Hmmm... never replied to and quoted MYSELF before on a forum but...

Maybe if enough people said they would pay specifically for such a feature it could be a seperate paid/unlocked piece of functionality for Dopus similar to the 'advanced' FTP/SSH (something like that) features that there's an option to pay an additional 10 bucks for when you purchase Dopus online? Hey Greg, you listening buddy :slight_smile: ?

Some great ideas here,
and I like the idea of tabs alot,
but I think we're loosing the ground.

I'm going back to Gus's tutorial on Triple Drive Buttons and thinking some.

Porcupine :opusicon:

I agree that DOpus would benefit from tabs. It bugs me when I have three DOpus windows open and 10 other applications and I keep Alt-Tab-ing to the wrong one. I'd much prefer to Alt-Tab to just one DOpus window then Ctrl-Tab through the tabs to find the one I want. Especially when searching or copying files. These functions don't need a whole new window. But then, I can't think of any application that I wouldn't prefer having a tabbed MDI. Thanks to Opera I already think that I can switch through any windows of the same application by right-click+scroll.

Well it certainly seems that there a plenty of people "viewing" this request topic. I wish they'd pipe up and voice their desire for the feature... :slight_smile:. I think this feature alone would be worth another few bucks...

I'd like this feature too. I usually have 6 or 7 listers open and having them all within one instance would definately make navigating them much easier.

steje wrote:
Well it certainly seems that there a plenty of people "viewing" this request topic. I wish they'd pipe up and voice their desire for the feature... :slight_smile:.[/quote]

so here I am :smiley:

when tabs where introduced in total commander I considered them to be a dispensable although curious feature... for 2 days. I was so accustomed to having multiple copies of TC opened that it took me some time to realize the real power of tabs (besides the obvious space saving): they can be renamed, they can be locked and, above all, they can be combined (i.e., you may have one tab open with, say, a collection of files and 2 or more tabs open in the other panel with a different directory each, allowing you to quickly distribute the files to several directories) which, in fact, takes the 2-panel model to a pseudo n-panel

when I first tried dopus I spent more time looking for this feature (I couldn't believe it was absent in such a great program, so I thought that simply I was unable to find it) than enjoying this new found marvel!