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Tab Group - Tabs


I would like to create a Tab bar, much like the 'Lister Styles - Tabs', for my Tab Groups. Is there a way of doing this?

Thank you very much!


If you make a button with Go TABGROUPLIST=icons as the command, it will turn into a list of your tab groups. It won't look like tabs -- it will be some buttons instead -- but functionally it does the same thing.

The icons part is optional, and assuming you want icons. Set the Show Image and Label options on the main button as you wish them to be for the generated buttons.


Thank you very much for your quick reply!

I am aware of that solution. The only thing it lacks is some indication which tab group is active. For me this is not immediately obvious from the open tab names since they are mostly dates. Is there a way of highlighting or indicating the current tab group?


We'll add that in the next update/beta.


That is great news! Any estimation when this will go live in the beta?

Maybe this is already possible but it would be a great help if the current tab group could be saved upon swapping to another tab group. Perhaps by using a modifier + click for switching.


We'll add Go TABGROUPLIST=savecurrent which will save automatically when changing. No modifier to turn saving on or off at the moment. Also, it won't save the tab group when you close the window or anything like that, but you could do that with scripts (although it gets complicated if there might be multiple windows with their own versions of the tab groups).

We'll also add Go TABGROUPSAVE=!current to let you have a button (or hotkey) which instantly saves the current tab group. So if you only want to save it sometimes, you could choose to click that, then click the new group, instead of using the other thing.

Would that combination work for you, or do you think the modifier is needed?


That would work perfectly fine for me! I am really looking forward for that feature.