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Tab Groups .otg file



I'm trying to determine which tabs are left-side and which are right-side in the Tab Groups .otg XML files.

I've noticed that in my .otg files left-side tabs have flags="0" attribute in the "tab" node like so:
<tab buf_flags="0x20000" flags="0" name="">

and right-side tabs have flags="8" attribute in the "tab" node like so:
<tab buf_flags="0x30000" flags="8" name="">

Is this correct & reliable, or are there caveats? What would be a reliable way to determine on which side does the tab belong in the .otg file?


That's correct. Note that the flags are a bitfield so the possible values are not just 8 and 0.

e.g. If you lock the tab, other bits may also be set.

You want to do a binary and with 8 to test if the tab is on the right. In C++ it would be if (flags & 8) ... but the syntax varies by language.


Thanks Leo, that's exactly what I've suspected :slight_smile: