Tablist Icons and Alignment


Running 11.12 x64.

My button is running:

Go TABLIST=icons,sortpath

I'm not getting any icons. Which icons should be showing up?

The toolbar has:
Images Size: Large
Image State: On
Label State: On

I was kind of hoping for taller buttons if the Icon was on. Sample:

Top is the Tablist. Bottom is a button with large image.

Also, is there a way to align the text to left or right, instead of center?


You also need to turn on the Show image option for the button itself (in the Command Editor dialog).

I always forget something when I think I didn't. Thanks, Jon.

Though it doesn't change from small to large. Large has no affect on the icon, it always remains small. To bad. I guess I'll have to just use a larger font.

And I just noticed that when the icon is displayed, it aligns the text to left. Nice :slight_smile: