Tabs for Tab Groups!

I love the Tab Groups feature in Directory Opus and have 5 or 6 Tab Groups set up for different projects that I regularly use. I frequently have to multi-task and switch between different projects during my working day. This either means having multiple lister windows open, each set to display a different group of tabs, or switching a single lister to open a different tab group, which takes time to refresh since some of my tab groups are configured in dual lister display with the tabs on the two sides linked by navigation lock. I have my tabs displayed at the bottom of the lister display (default setting).

I am wondering if it is possible to additionally configure the tab group names themselves as tabs at the top of the lister display, so that clicking on a tab group name at the top of the display then displays the associated tabs in that group at the bottom. Like this, I could easily switch between tab groups within a single lister and avoid the delays associated with the current two methods. I appreciate this might take a while to load the first lister since essentially all tabs on all tab groups at the top of the display need to be loaded. I imagine this might also consume some memory (?). If it was possible it would certainly improve my folder-navigation efficiency still further!

You could have a list of tab groups shown on a toolbar, but it would work the same as the menu of tab groups, with the only difference being you wouldn't need to open a sub-menu to get to it. The way the tabs open would be the same.

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Thanks, Leo. I also thought of that but I didn't think that tabs would pre-load as they do for tabs in a group, so a similar delay to right-clicking an existing tab and selecting a new group (?)

The nearest analogy I can think of is workspaces on web browsers. So for Opera (for example) it is possible to configure different workspaces, each of which retains an independent set of open webpage tabs, making it possible to switch between them with a single click.

It'll be the same however the tab group is opened.

But setting everything under Preferences / Folders / Auto-Loading to Prevent Loading might help with that.

Thanks, Leo. I ended up creating a Toolbar of buttons, one for each Tab Group, which achieved the desired result, although I do need to update this manually every time I add a tab group. The list of tab groups selectable from a dropdown menu on the toolbar doesn't require updating, but adds an extra step. Good enough. I also found another post (here) where you had explained how to do this (just in case anyone else is trying to achieve the same).

The same command that builds the list automatically in menus can be placed on a toolbar to do the same there. Just drag & drop it (hold Ctrl to copy it instead of moving it). Or edit it to see the command it runs.

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Ohhh yes, I just realised that. Wonderful - job done! Many thanks.
This must be the best-supported App ever. Eat your heart out Microsoft and Google.