Tabs. How to make them permanent?

Hello. I bet this question is asked before but I can't find the reason. I am considering to purchase directory opus but I have to find out how this is done: I want that those tabs which I add to the bottom of folder pane will stay there. Now they always disappear, no matter if I lock them or not. I found that I have to set the configuration to default but folder tabs still doesn't stay there. Now I can't find that setting anymore. So, please help me out with this. Then you will get one new customer.

You may look into preferences and search for tab groups in the search box on the bottom of the pref window.

You can create as many tab groups as you like and assigning different tabs and locations. If you are using two listers in your DO layout, you can even specify on which side a tab should occur.
Each tab can have its own configuration, e.g. columns and sorting.

After you added a new group you can select it from the menu.

  1. Set up the tabs you want, then use Settings > Set as Default Lister to save the current window as the default.

    (Doing this will also automatically turn off the setting which automatically updates the default lister when you close a window.)

  2. You may also want to turn on Preferences / Launching Opus / Explorer Replacement / Open all Default Lister tabs when opening a new window so that if another program causes a new Opus window to open, it will have all your specified tabs in addition to a tab for the folder the program is asking for.

Thank you both! These tips were just what I was looking for. Going to purchase the software right away!


You won't regret it!