Tabs not showing correct folder

I noticed that sometimes the tabs do not show the correct folder, i.e. I'm in one folder & the tab shows another one. That happens only when working in a tab group. I also noticed that when it happens, the tabs are somehow 'interlocked' i.e. by changing folder all tabs show the same new folder. That does not happen all the times - what do I do wrong?
I attach two images from an incident. In the first one (dopus1) you can see the difference between the tab and the actual folder & in the second (dopus2) what the correct folder contains. In the same instant, if I actually change into another folder, both tabs shows the same new folder I've opened like they are 'interlocked' - the problem is what the tab shows and not the address filed (the address field shows always the correct folder). Both these folders are parts in the same group.

That could be caused by the tab labels being edited, or by using a script like TBone's "Tab-Labelizer".

Right-click on the tab itself, choose Rename tab, then delete the name and push return. Does it show the right thing after that?

I don't use 'Tab-Labelizer' - I haven't even heard of it - and any other scripts for that matter, other than those included in the 'official' Dopus download package. I applied what you instructed, when the issue reappeared, and things got back to normal. However, it's not the proper way to correct things! On the other hand, I haven't pinned down the exact action sequence, after which the problem appears.

The tab group you are loading must have been saved with renamed tabs.

You can see and edit the tab group under Preferences / Folder Tabs / Tab Groups, where clearing the names from the tabs should fix things.

I deleted & re-created the group with all the tab names correctly representing the actual folders. Let's see if that happens again. Thanks, anyway!

If you want the tab names to change when you change folders, as normal, then the tab names should be left as they are by default. i.e. Unedited, or edited back to being completely blank (which resets them) if they had been edited previously.

Maybe that's what you mean already, in which case carry on! It sounded like you might have edited the names to match the folders, which wouldn't be what you want to do here.

(You can also have tab labels which add some text to whatever their current folder name is, using the % codes, but it doesn't sound like that's the aim in this case.)