Tabs revert to "This PC" when drives disappear

I use a docking station to connect my hard drives to my computer. periodically several to all of my externals will "drop out" and reconnect - has happened with every dock I've used (on my 4th) so it's a problem I live with. However, with DOpus 12 whenever my hard drives disconnect for even a moment my drive tabs revert to "This PC" directory. This has never occurred when using DOpus 11 or even DOpus 9 years ago. In both DOpus 11 and 9 when a drive went offline the tab would revert to root directory only when I tried to click on a folder in it, but it at least kept the tab history so I could return after the drive reconnects; with DOpus 12 tabs revert to "This PC" with no history so that I have to navigate back. It is maddening. Why on earth does DOpus 12 do this? Is it a bug? is there a fix? is it a settings issue? As it is I'd rather use DOpus 11 than 12 at this point.
Please help. Thank you.

If a drive goes away, Opus will go up a level to something which still exists.

This is intentional, and not a bug.

There is a bug here, but it's in whatever is causing your drives to disconnect all the time. If that happens while transfering data, it could corrupt your files.

I would focus on fixing the real problem, not symptoms of it. Drives should not randomly disconnect like that.

If it happens with every dock you've tried, the issue may be with the USB/motherboard drivers or hardware or cables on your PC rather than the docks. Or maybe some software causing the drives to vanish periodically (antivirus maybe, but I've never heard of it doing that). My bet is it's a USB issue, maybe triggered by power saving modes not being handled properly. But solving that kind of issue is outside the scope of this forum, as the problem you're seeing is not really about Opus.

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Indeed. I'd file a bug report if Opus didn't update the tab and showed some ghost folders of a disconnected drive instead.

Thanks Leo, the problem may well be with my computer, but that is not changing anytime soon. As I said, previous versions of DOpus did NOT behave like this, so if it's intentional it's a very bad and unnecessary intention just recently built into DOpus 12, and calling it an "upgrade" is highly dubious for my purposes. As such there is no way I will be purchasing DOpus 12. and having to buy a new license should DOpus 12 do away with this "intentional" nonsense in the future prevents me wanting to purchase DOpus 11. I feel screwed and sad at not being able to productively use what I still believe is the best software I've tried yet.
Thanks again

ps ixp. There are not ghost folders. Rather, the tab remains unchanged until I try to interact with it - oftentimes the folder list will be empty, but the tab stays on the drive number or directory. Otherwise it would be pointless in my case to even have a "default" lister with preset tabs - might as well start from scratch every time.
If you call not doing something unnecessary a bug, then it's a bug that works for me.

What if I bought DOpus 12, but used DOpus 11 - would a DOpus 12 licence work for DOpus 11?

An Opus 12 licence will let you use Opus 11, yes.

In the next Opus 12 update we'll change this so the history list isn't cleared - meaning if the drive comes back you'll be able to click Back to get back to where you were.

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wow, thanks very much. Hopefully, when I do get a new computer the issue will be moot.
I see the is AUD $89 which is currently US $68. what gets taken from my account? Guess I'll find out.

Suppose one has a laptop with battery and an external USB HD connected when the power supply gets interrupted by no fault of one's own (city wide blackout), then the HD powers down (the notebook doesn't because of battery) and Opus reverts all tabs that were opened for that HD, but when the power is back one has do go to each tab and navigate back. Would be nice if Opus could detect that the drive was back and revert all tabs or if not, if a single command could do that.

(Some external HDs require external power, other than from USB.)

That seems a little contrived, to be honest.

If you're regularly having power failures on external storage devices, to the point that this bothers you, then it's time to get a battery backup for the storage device, as you'll be losing data, which is a far bigger issue than having to re-open a few tabs.