Tag "display_name" not working in Icon Set XML files?

I am presently working on extending the Internal Flat icon set for Opus 12 and noted that when you define "display_name"s in the Icon Set's XML file, Opus 12 does not seem to show that (alias/long form) information when you check in the Customize Select Icon window. This is true for all icon sets I have installed, except for the actual internal icon set.

As I understand this, when you mouse-over icons in the Select Icon window you should be seeing <display name> (<name/internal icon name>)... but only <name/internal icon name> is shown.

I use the display_name field extensively, to help those interested understand what the icon was meant for...

Here a snip of the icon set code I am using:

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
 <iconset name="opus12flattaeicons">
     <display_name>Directory Opus 12 Flat AEicon Set</display_name>
     <copyright>(c) 2018 AEon & (c) 2016 GP Software</copyright>
     <artist>Christoph 'AEon' Loewe / Cris van Minnen</artist>
     <set filename="OPUS12_AEICONS_FLAT_22.png" size="small" width="22" height="22">
         <dpi base="100">
             <scale factor="100" filename="OPUS12_AEICONS_FLAT_22.png" width="22" height="22" no_scale_min="0" no_scale_max="125" />
             <scale factor="150" filename="OPUS12_AEICONS_FLAT_32.png" width="32" height="32" no_scale_min="126" no_scale_max="175" />
         <icon name="diff"           display_name="Compare by Content"   category="tools"    col="1" row="1" />
         <icon name="linksubmenu"    display_name="Advanced Links"       category="menu"     col="2" row="1" />
         <icon name="softlink"       display_name="Soft Link"            category="file"     col="3" row="1" />
     <set filename="OPUS12_AEICONS_FLAT_32.png" size="large" width="32" height="32">
         <dpi base="100">
             <scale factor="100" filename="OPUS12_AEICONS_FLAT_32.png" width="32" height="32" no_scale_min="0" no_scale_max="125" />
         <icon name="diff"           display_name="Compare by Content"   category="tools"    col="1" row="1" />

Hope this can be fixed... or that I simply am overlooking something.


It seems to work here:


If I am not mistaken those are "internal" Opus 9 icons, i.e. official ones in some way. I am guessing that the exiting internal names for icons work when showing the "long names" (display_name). But if you use/invent your own icon "name" tags, then the lookup to their corresponding display_name tags is broken in some way...

Where you able to check with a custom icon set e.g. Directory Opus 9 Unofficial Extra Icons (Opus9Unofficial.dis) or my own Opus8AEicons.dis set (Directory Opus 8 AEicon Set)? Since both do not show display_name tags for me...

Sorry, to bug you with this...

Can you upload an icon set that demonstrates the problem?

Opus12AEiconsFlat.dis (17.5 KB)

I am upping the internal icon set expansion I am presently working on. It uses the first post code, but it is complete to the point I am presently at. So this should be a more available "real" example for testing. Hopefully.


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Thanks, this will be fixed in the next update.

Issue seems to be have been fixed in 12.9.1 already... that was quick. Neat. Thanks.

Spoke too soon... only now was I able to install the v12.9.1 beta (from v12.8) and my just released icon set, Opus12AEiconsFlat.dis, is not showing the "display names" of the icons in the Select Icon dialogue...


Try going to /dopuslocaldata/Icon Cache and deleting anything related to your icon set, then exit & re-start Opus (File > Exit Directory Opus).

I just checked... indeed the cache file:

/dopuslocaldata/Icon Cache\ISC_G_english-100-Opus12AEiconsFlat.xml

does not contain any display_name entries, just the "name" fields. Deleted this file and the image files, and restarted Opus.

Wonderful... that worked.

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