Tag m4a


I can't edit tags of m4a files (artist, title, year ecc.) and display them in the metadata panel...with mp3 files I have no problem.

Win8 Pro & Dopus x64

Any suggestions?


I've change this:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes.M4A\Content Type = audio/m4a

With this:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes.M4A\Content Type = audio/mp4

And now work!....But I don't know why!!

For reference I used this program to compare the pc with a virtual machine. For me, it was impossible to find the difference. Thanks Leo

Only the cover is impossible to edit .. is not even displayed in the metadata (but in the info-tips is displayed)

Howdy again!
I've been loving DOpus for the past few months. I have customized all the views to suit my needs.

I am running into this exact same issue where I cannot view or edit the metadata for .m4a files

I have attached a screenshot image and hopefully placed it in the message here. I have used a converter to convert this .m4a file to an .mp3 file in the same folder. I can view & edit the .mp3 version but not the .m4a. Sorry about the profane song title - just happened to be the one I was working on!

[screenshot removed]

Something has probably messed up the filetype registry settings.

If you install the latest beta version of Opus, it no longer cares about the registry settings. The link is in my signature.

More information can be found in this thread: Metadata & Movie Properties.

Would it have been that much effort to select a different file? :slight_smile: I've removed the screenshot as some people read the forum at work and it might cause them problems.

OK I'm game for installing the latest Beta version, but I am very nervous that it will cause my customizations to be reset to defaults. Is there a way to retain the look and feel that I have developed? I have created custom views, customized the layout of all the menus and buttons, created a nice set of favorites, etc.

Installing a new version won't affect your configuration (unless you uninstall the old version first, which you shouldn't do).
You can use the Preferences Backup function to backup your configuration first if you want to make sure.

Outstanding! Found the utility and have backed up my configuration. Will report back if Beta version addresses the metadata issue-

Two successes!
1.) The upgrade retained all of my customizations
2.) I am now able to edit the metadata of .m4a files

Many thanks gentlemen!