Is there any way to use this script to add tags to folders as well as files.

It was originally designed to work only for files. The following version should also work with folders. I didn't test all the functions, so please try it and report here if it's working correctly for you.

[Code removed]


Thank you for the quick reply.
Have tried it out and it has worked on folders and files all options.
Thank you very much :thumbsup:


Thanks for testing.
I updated the first post with the new version because it really makes sense to include the ability to apply tags to folders.

I was trying to give this script a go but I'm getting this pop-up message when I click the button

Something I have not set right?

BTW, do this script tag any files? i.e Ai, EPS, etc...?

Thanks for your effort!

You need to set the function type to Script.

Kind of weird. I don't have the "Function Script" option in the drop down menu.

I'm running (5016) x64

You need v11 to have script functions and scripting in general. o)

Hhmm... I see! I guess I'll miss out on that one. Thanks guys!

No need to miss out! :slight_smile:


I'm also one among many others being currently benefitted by your Tagger Script.

I've one more requirement, although smaller one but i've not been able to get it working.
Could you please help in this too :slight_smile:

I've tagged SOME files with 'T1' and some files with 'T2' tags
The requirement is,
(1) while Trying to Move a file to some other location, i want to test whether the file-being-deleted-or-moved has tag 'T1' and if so i want to get a warning in a 'Dialogue box' to confirm the 'MOVE',
(2) while doing the move for multiple files, it can tell me in the dialogue box that 'N files in the selection have tag 'T1''
(3) while doing the move for a folder , it can tell that this folder has 'N files which have tag 'T1', OR THIS FOLDER ITSELF HAS TAG 'T1'

(4) and if i still 'confirm' move, After the Move, it should WRITE in a file OR SHOW in a dialogue box, the 'fullpath' of the pre-move fileS and 'fullpath' of the post-move fileS

(5) it should restrict the 'delete' for all files / folders having tag 'T1'

Usage of this requirement -> We have many files whose links have been provided in some other applications and we've put some tags on those files, so there deletion must be restricted and while moving them -> there old paths and new paths should be maintained to change them in other applications

That's not really a feature to have within the tagger, I think. I'd consider creating a dedicated script for this purpose only.

@tbone, thanks for considering it, please post your directions / script to the new topic, created for this purpose, so that it can be easier to find for others also, as in my view, this process is more-or-less required by most of the users here.

Since your new script for showing tags while in full screen mode covers about 50% of what i've requested once (viewing tags in full mode), to work with tags, i'd like to ask you if following would be possible:
the Tagger works flawlessly, in windowed mode, where i use some special lister layout, with the Tagger right under the lister. Is there a way to make the Tagger "global", so that the same input dialog could also show up, while examining images in full screen mode? It seems, like the only requirement would be to make that dialog able to be "on top".

Setting the "lister/window" argument to "null" for a dialog object, made it "ontop" for the GoRegistry-thing, maybe that helps here too.

Where exactly would that be?

I did not look at the code in detail, but there seems to be a section in the Edit() function, where a lot of "dlg. " things go on.
This would be the place to add an "dlg.window = null" to have a try.

At the moment the dialog is on top of the current active lister (Set dlg = ClickData.Func.Dlg). Changing line 10 to Set dlg = DOpus.Dlg (dlg.window = null not necessary) would help to show the dialog on top of the standalone viewer but this wouldn't be enough. To combine ShowInfo and Tagger it would be necessary to integrate the features of Showinfo completely into the Tagger script. Puuh, nice challenge! I'll see if I can put this together.

Whoa, kundal, don't put yourself into stress :open_mouth: ! The way it is now is comfortable enough, and i pretty much tagged all my ~30k photos already, so this is rather interesting for future tagging sessions, anyway.
But i think, that a system like that would be attractive for photo enhusiasts or even pros. I once have tested Adobe Bridge, but the workflow in Opus is better, in my opinion, even without those tricks and quirks. And actually i first had in mind, to use the Tagger and the new script independently. But you're right, it would make a lot of sense to have it combined seamlessly . Anyway, it gets increasingly clear, how good the idea of the scripting abilities in Opus actually was, because it's obviously very powerful to satisfy even "niche" requests like this, without having to bloat the program unnecessarily.

A modified version of Tagger that works with the standalone viewer in fullscreen mode is now available:
Edit metadata of images in full-screen mode