Tags not shown in Explorer

Hi all!

I had some tests and research with the tagging stuff you can do with the meta-data pane and files in general in newer windows/ntfs versions.
Now I noticed that windows explorer does not show the tag information I applied using DO. Any ideas for that?

And a minor other thing I noticed, why is "Friday" translated into german ("Freitag")?
Maybe this has something to with the tags being written, but are not visible to explorer?

I'm on an english window/dopus installation, regional settings are german (format/location/keyboard), locale is "English (United States)".

Thanks! o)

I'm not sure what Explorer uses its tags field for, but it seems it's something different to Opus.

It may also vary by file type.

Mhh, when I make use of the tags within DOpus, will it create an "Alternate Data Stream" for the related file?

I had the impression it would make use of ADS, but when using tools to show those streams, there are none.
I used sysinternals streams.exe in this case (technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysi ... 97440.aspx).

What I said seems to be true for image files only, tagging a plain simple txt-file, gives the "OpusMetaInformation" stream data:

So in general, DOpus tag information won't be known to windows explorer, because it surely will not lookup "OpusMetaInformation" data.
For image files I'm still in the dark where and how these information is saved and if it is readable for 3rd party applications.

Some file formats have a defined way for metadata including tags to be stored within the file itself.

Do you have some kind of list/reference on what method DO uses to store its metadata for what type of file? I tried for jpg and png for now, these carry any additional meta-data internally, so no filesystem-magic seems involved.

I find it quite important to know where my tags and things go. Not necessarily security wise, but just to know what I may do with my files and what I better avoid doing. Imagine I tag some hundred txt-files, move those to my fat32-usb stick and all tags are gone. No good? o))

I can confirm that a tag added to a png file in opus doesn't show up in explorer. But jpg works fine.

When it comes to png it seems like opus writes to different entry in the meta data. Its there but just under a different tag value, called XPKeywords
If you need to you can batch copy those keywords to the right place with exiftool.

Never mind what I just said. Looks like explorer doesn't show keywords in png files anyway. Even if you create it with say adobe bridge.

It'd probably be difficult to generate a definitive list since there are shell extensions which can be installed and change how/where/whether metadata are stored for the formats they handle, in addition to the code we've written ourselves to do it for some formats, and the code we have in Opus from 3rd party tagging libraries.

Is that possible, that a tag applied by DOpus get's routed because of a 3rd party shell extension installed later on?

I'm not 100% sure but it may be, yes.