Taskbar icon to open DO up in specific directory with NEW ROOTREE

Some time ago you showed me how to create buttons within DO to open the lister with a specific roottree. Is it possible to create a W10 taskbar icon to do the same? I have tried a number of variations after first creating a desktop link to convert it to the DO button command of:

GO C:\Users\bem\Documents\Business NEW ROOTTREE

but have been stumbling every time.

Thank you!

You could put things into the jump list (right-click menu of the taskbar button).

I don't think the Windows taskbar really supports having multiple actual buttons to launch one program in different ways. The only way to do that would be to have some dummy programs on the taskbar which, when launched, launch Opus in turn.

Thank you!

I was hoping there might be a command line switch i could use, but it was a very minor matter of preference, certainly nothing that i can't live without-

You could put the button on the tray icon:

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Thank you!

I am not able to follow you on how i could implement this to open DO with a specified root; would you be so kind as to elaborate?

The same buttons you mentioned in the first post can be added to the tray icon's right-click menu.

Thank you!!!

I know i am a little slow, but that put it all together for me. Afraid retention is no longer something my mind is all that good at, but with a little shove, we got there!

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