Taskbar toolbar not refreshing until mouse-over, after using another program

Recently, with updates from ms and Dopus, I've noticed my statically positioned Dopus toolbar (docked at bottom of screen) turns blueish-white when I close a different desktop java application. Then, the taskbar icons do not refresh until after the mouse cursor is moved across each icon.

Any suggestions for how to prevent this behavior?

Here is what I am seeing after I moved the cursor over the 4 visible icons.


Only with that particular java application?

What does that application do?

If you have other windows in that area, do they get blue bars over them as well?

In this case, ThinkorSwim is the Java application. The behavior seems random and not easily duplicated. No other windows are affected.

Since posting my question, I have added dopus.exe and dopusrt.exe to the windows 11 "high performance" graphics setting (forces use of AMD graphics card). Perhaps this will make a difference.

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Update: Unfortunately, the graphics high performance setting does not help.
The Dopus toolbar is set to Keep on Top: Top-level.

Completely EXITING from Dopus (from system tray) dismisses the Dopus tool bar and the overlay blue bar.

Any suggestions to fix this would be appreciated.

What is the Toolbar's Appearance option set to currently? Taskbar, or something else?

Does the problem only happen with Taskbar/Glass/Transparent, or does it also happen with Frame/No-Frame?

Does it happen if the toolbar is at the top of the screen instead of the bottom?

It looks a bit like something placed edit controls on top of the Opus toolbar, but I don't know why that would happen or how you would stop whatever it is from doing that.

Appearance is set to Frame
I did try to "inspect" the bar for a handle value (in case there were edit controls), but hovering the mouse over the blue bar caused the bar vanish.

I will have to experiment before answering the other questions.

Thank you.

If it's on Frame, Taskbar may work better with the other program.

If the other program is drawing on top of the toolbar for some reason, Taskbar mode may stop it as it uses a layered window which I think is harder for other things to draw on top of.

But it's also possible the other program is creating controls that vanish when the mouse goes over them, or maybe even sending messages to the wrong window which happens to be the toolbar, and which might have quite random results.

Are there any path fields, spacers, sliders, etc. on the toolbar, or is it all simple buttons?

I changed the toolbar's Appearance to Taskbar. So far, I no longer see the blue bar.

Spacers do exist on this toolbar, but they only show when the toolbar is floating. The Spacers are hidden when the toolbar is docked:

Floating toolbar - Shows Spacers:
dopus-toolbar-floating-showing spacer

Docked Toolbar - Hidden Spacers:

It would be nice if the spacers did show even when the toolbar is docked. Is this possible?

That suggests the problem is the other program drawing on to the toolbar window. Definitely a bug in that program if that is the case.