Tell from Backup.ocb file what version was running?

Hi there
I have an existing backup.ocb file which I took before upgrading.
Is it possible to tell from this OCB file what version was running when the backup was taken?
Call that version 12.X
I have opened the ocb file with a text editor but I am not sure what I am looking for.
After upgrading to current 12.29 I have an intermittent problem with the Lister not Refreshing.
It is proving very hard to troubleshoot due to intermittent nature.
I wish I knew my pre upgrade version 12.X so I could go back to it.


OCB files are just zip archives. Rename the extension to look inside them.

The ConfigFiles/prefs.oxc file has the version number at the start of it. But that will be the version you last saved Preferences changes in, not necessarily the last version you were on. It could indicate an earlier version than the one you were on.

It's better to solve the problem you're having, in any case, as otherwise you'll be stuck on an old version forever. You haven't posted any information in response to the guide I linked in the other thread...