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currently my "workflow" for writing und testing new scripts is as follows: Customize toolbar, add a new button, write some code lines, mainly JScript, close all windows and press the new button to see if all runs well.
For complex scripts I write some output to the log. Nevertheless this workflow may take some time and even more if there is some logic involved.

So how are you writing and testing new scripts? I would be interested in hints and tips how others are programming in this area.



You can hit the Run button or F5 to test it rather than closing all windows.



Ok, I've seen this button previously, however this is not helpful for all scripts. E.g. when a script requires some files to be marked for further processing.

Pressing RUN in this case won't do anything, most of the time the (dual) lister or the file(s) itself looses its focus/selection.



If you look at the top of the default script, it turns off automatic deselection which makes debugging easier as you can keep running the script on the same files.

Window focus usually doesn't matter (unless you're doing something unusual).

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