Text size for aging eyesight

Poor eyesight is catching up fast, along with a distinct lack of tech savvy.

Please, can you let me know how to increase the text size overall, so that it stays the same on a permanent basis? My days of precision tinkering are past. Please... is there a siimple way of increasing text size so I can read in DOpus and don't have to change to an inferior product. Thank you

The best approach is probably to use Windows' built-in functionality:

Thank you so much for a quick and useful reply :slight_smile: Your suggestion works ecept that it's only DOpus that I'm having a problem with.

You can change font sizes for most parts of the lister under Preferences / Display / Colors and Fonts.

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Thank you. I didn't realize it was a comprehesive as that. I'm sorted out now. Thanks to both for your help :slight_smile:

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