Text viewer doesn't follow FAYT navigation

I really fallen in love with the new substring FAYT navigation (including the brilliant highlighting feature). The only point that feels a little bit inconvenient is that the internal viewer doesn't follow the selection. In other words if I press cursor up/down the internal viewer always follows the currently selected file but if I just type a fragment of the name it looks and feels like the same operation (selection moves around) but the internal viewer isn't updated.

That issue is particurlarly a problem because you can not press space button anymore to update the text viewer since the FAYT field grabs the keypress. Pressing cursor up/down to manually perform a re-selection behaves really bad in case you are in an archive (e.g. a solid RAR). Pressing escape and space is a even a bad idea if you find out that it is the wrong file (assuming you need the content to find the correct one during quick FAYT navigation).

Hope this can be improved in one of the next betas...

I think it is that way to avoid multiple keypresses causing lots of different files to be loaded in quick succession.

Maybe it could load into the viewer on a delay. Pushing Esc+Space doesn't seem to bad to me, though; you rarely type so much into the FAYT field that it's a pain to type again (and can use the clipboard if needed in rare cases).

Let's have a look to an example:

(... more files ...)
regedit.exe  <--- CURRENT SELECTION
Ultimate.xml <--- FILE TO SELECTED
(... more files ...)

Assuming that "regedit.exe" is selected and "Ultimate.xml" should be selected. In this case most people will simply press and hold cursor-down leading up to 11 files to be load in quick succession. On the other hand simply typing "Ulti" will lead to just a single file to be loaded. I think that using the FAYT field for quick navigation commonly leads to much less files to be loaded in the viewer than any other approach.

Besides that it seems that the viewer plugin skips any intermediate selections if it can not follow fast enough or there is already a smart delay implemented. Assuming the user navigates from "FileA" over "FileB" to reach "FileC" by pressing tabulator key in FAYT navigation. If loading "FileA" took much time the viewer plugin will smartly skip "FileB" and will load "FileC" instead. Thus it looks as everything is prepared to let the viewer plugin follow the FAYT navigation as quick as it can.

To get to the point:

+1 for this request (because it confuses me as well)


I have the viewer plugin enabled by default and I am constantly irritated because the Viewer always displays the wrong file after tab navigation. I would appreciate it so much to have the viewer plugin forcly in sync with the metadata panel.