Text viewer plugin "bug" - wrapping of long lines of text

The (otherwise great) default text-file viewer plugin seems to have a problem: It wraps very long lines of ascii data, even when word-wrap is turned off. Thus, on display, it effectively inserts line-breaks where there are none in the file.
Even more strange, the position where it wraps the lines depends on the zoom-status and thus on the selected font-size. The smaller the display font, the longer lines are displayed without forced wrapping.

Any plans to fix this in a later version?

btw: A similar automatic wrapping of long lines also occurs in XP-notepad, but this should not hinder Dopus of doing better.
It does not occur in better programs, e.g. "Winedt", or "emacs"

don't get me wrong: DOPUS RULEZ nonetheless!
Cheers to the old Amiga times, were tools
were small and smart

keep it up!