Textformatting in dlgchoose

Is text formatting possible in dlgchoose and other input commands?

Example: "Do you want to encode MP3?"

Hmm, if i remember correctly, it isn't possible to embed a dlgchoose within a text string.

You can't embed a dlgchoose inside another dlg* (which I guess is what you mean) but you can put it in the middle of a string (e.g. something passed to a command).

I not completely sure what the root post is asking, though.

@leo: Headline should be "textformatting in dlgchoose". As I can't edit, I can't correct!

I meant if it's possible to highlight text (e.g. bold or underlined) in a dlgchosse string (not option).

English is not my native language and was tired yesterday :wink:

Fair enough. :slight_smile: I understand now.

As far as I know there's no way to make text bold/underlined etc. in those dialogs.