TGA not read properly

Hi guys,

Attached there is a TGA file with 1x1 pixel. We're using files like this very often as dummy frames and placeholders. It's a valid file, Photo-Shop, Irfan-View and XN-View can read it without problems, but Dopus cannot.

TGA format is quite simple, so I checked the header and everything is valid.

I agree that the thumbnail is not very meaningful for a 1x1 pixel bitmap, but not be capable to obtain the valid bit depth and other information is a big disadvantage when searching for files with a specific bit depth, type and so on.

A fix would be much apreciated.

Kind regards,
Skeeve (167 Bytes)

Thanks for the report and the image. We've made a change to the TGA plugin so that it will load those tiny files in 12.2.4 and above.

Many thanks guys - much appreciated and a big help for me.

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12.2.4 (beta) with the TGA min-size change is now available.

Fix confirmed, many thanks!