"That registration code is already linked" error

When trying to link my forum account to my license code (DOpus 12 Pro on Windows 10 x64), I get an error message on the forum that is quoted in the subject. I copied my license code directly from the application, and I only have one login for the forum (since 2007) that I am aware of. Help!


Is dealio also you? That account is linked and has a similar name and address.

Yes dealio is me. Can I login with that name? I don't rightly recall, but seems like I had to use email address to login. No?

My guess is I created one many years ago, then didn't log in for several years and mistakenly created another login. Sheesh! Sorry. How do I correct this mess?


You can log in with the account name or email. Use the password reset option if needed.

Thanks. I'll try that.

I deleted the other account as it was extraneous, but still I cannot link my S/N to this account. Any ideas why not?

Try again now and it should work.

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It worked. Thank you!