The case of the disappearing toolbar

Directory Opus is my #1 tool on Windows. Can't live without it.

For as long as I can remember I've had this issue (running v12.28 on win10 now):

  1. I like to created my own toolbar with a number of shortcuts, etc. Lets call this toolbar "tbPeter".
  2. I disable the toolbar Operations by checking it off in the Customize dialog and I disable "always enable this toolbar in listers".
  3. I enable the tbPeter by enabling it in the Customize dialog and enabling "Always enable this toolbar in listers".

Done. works brilliant.

Except that on a regular basis the toolbar tbPeter disappears and is replaced with the "Operations" toolbar.

For example; when I switch between the Lister : "Explorer" and "Dual vertical" the toolbar tbPeter get's unselected (and disappears) and the default Menu and Operations are selected (and appear).

That was not what I was hoping for. I always want toolbar's "Menu" and "tbPeter" shown (on all listers).

Has anyone experienced this behavior ? Am I doing something wrong ?

You have to save the toolbars as the default toolbar set if you want them to be what new windows use. Otherwise the toolbars you turn on and off only affect that one window.

:grinning: Thanks Leo, that was the thing I totally missed.
It works great now.