The case of the missing COMMENT (DOpus vs. ExifTool, round 10?)

In that particular case in the screenshots above, JPEGmini Pro adds the comments when you shrink files sizes with it.

And as you can see from the screenshots, ExifTool, ExifToolGUI and FastStone Image Viewer can see them, but Directory Opus can't.

While I love DOpus and use it extensively for file management in my photo organizing work, I do not rely on DOpus for reading and/or writing photo metadata.
DOpus is not photo-focused, so I'm not at all surprised it does not read that metadata. Just because DOpus happens to have a field with the name/label 'Comment', does not mean it reads the metadata is in the field JPEGmini calls 'JPEG Comment' and that ExiftoolGUI calls 'File-Comment'. While field names may offer clues as to what metadata field they read, the only way to know for sure is to do your own testing. If you want help using a command in ExifToolGUI to move that metadata to a field DOpus does read, I can help you. I have made many different commands for ExiftoolGUI and use them to copy, move, or remove metadata for various fields.

Hi MegMac.

Below is an image of the DOpus logo.
I have shrunk the file size using JPEGmini Pro. You'll notice the JPEGmini Pro comment on line 13.
I have also included an image showing the comment in ImageGlass using the ExifTool plugin.

Protocol, I am trying to help because I work with photo metadata every day using many different applications. I do not work for Directory Opus. I understand that you can see your comment in a few applications. I am trying to you understand that not all applications show all metadata. Applications show the metadata fields the developers believe the users want and need to see - and DOpus does not show show that metadata field - which is not surprising as it is not commonly used.

Thanks for sending the file.

The comment also does not show up in Photoshop, Adobe Bridge, or File Explorer's Comments column or Properties dialog either.

(Telling File Explorer's Properties dialog to remove all personal data also does not remove the field from the file.)

It's using the old JPEG Comment field, rather than an EXIF tag or similar. My understanding is that JPEG Comment is rarely used/displayed these days, at least for anything useful (or if it is used for important information, the information is usually written into an EXIF tag as well). If Photoshop won't show the field then I think we can consider it obsolete.

However, you can use ExifTool Custom Columns to add columns to Opus based on data that ExifTool can see, which should give you a workaround if you need to see that data in Opus.

Thanks for looking into it, Leo.
I'll have a look at ExifTool Custom Columns.

I often check or edit common metadata fileds in Adobe Bridge. With Adobe Photoshop, one can view the exact same metadata fields as Adobe Bridge, however neither of those applications is truly designed for working with metadata. One can access roughly twice as many metadata fields with Adobe Lightroom Classic, so if you want to compare metadata, I recommend using Lightroom Classic.