The Find Panel and me

I use the find panel to search for content across five network drives, and those drives are permanently chosen in the 2nd box down of the find panel.

The top box, however, continually fills itself with different directory paths which I don't want to search, and I'm continually having to wipe it clean in order to keep my search results relavent.

Any way to keep that top box empty?


Probably this is what you are looking for?
[Find Panel still remembers old paths)

Sorry, the link I posted above won't help you, you want to keep the top box empty ...

This seems to work: Create a toolbar button with this code:

@set search="b:" "c:" "d:" "e:" "j:" Find IN {$search}

(Replace "b:" "c:" "d:" "e:" "j:" with your five network paths, this is just an example):

FWIW you shouldn't need the @set line there. Can simplify it to just:

Find IN "b:" "c:" "d:" "e:" "j:"

could that have been any simpler?
It works!