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The new forum software


Well, sorry, it sucks. Trouble with making stuff bold in some cases (where has the good old "code" function gone, anyway?), no exact count of postings, can't use colors, etc...



Have a :lollipop: and you'll be fine. :grimacing:

It does not suck


I forgot to mention, that i like other parts of the software more than the old one.



Imho it's progress. Most old-style forums already feel outdated now. switched around the same time as dopus did and I got used to it in no time at all.
It's clean, fluent, and intuitive. What's not to like. :hatching_chick:


Abt is just not good at learning new things (e.g. scripting) :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


OK, we'll change everything back just for you to be able to make things bold easier, even though phpBB sucked much more and caused regular problems. :slight_smile:

If you give some specific examples we might be able to help.

[code] still works, although there are better alternatives that let you specify language for syntax highlighting/coloring. You can also do inline code blocks which phpBB did not have, and which are very useful.

Lots of examples of code blocks and making things bold, including several edge cases, are here in case you missed the link above the post editor or forgot about it:

Not sure what you mean. What do you want an exact count of? Number of posts in a thread? Number of posts you've made? Something else?

How will having the exact count improve the forum for asking & answering tech support questions?

There is a mod we could install for that, but it did not seem worth it. Each mod is another thing that can break. Colors were used very rarely in the old forum, and usually for things that inline code blocks or other formatting would work better for now, or for syntax coloring which is now automatic. Colors also conflict with people who wish to override the forum's normal theme (using CSS currently, but the Discourse roadmap has the ability for users to choose their own theme planned for a near-future version) since posts with random colors in them may not be visible on a different background.


The reason was, as seen in my other recent post, i couldn't just apply those brackets around that part i had added. I suppose, there is some kind of logic behind all that, but editors should be rather intuitive, than rocket science. Anyway, portions of that bold part came out showing **, leaving me clueless.

& @Jon, i'm not that very bad at learning (at least not always), but rather very lazy..

:smiley: :wink:


It's not important anyway. It only seems , that the count of posts is displaid in hundres only. Also, i once searched for the symbol for this style in the editor, it also works, but for some reason (space?) it's not included in the styles list. I will try the old [code] style next time i need it. Thanks @all


I just found, that the search function in the forum is also quite weak. I've tried to find kundal's script "Tagger", but no success so far, to find the original thread for this script.


This thread that's top of the results?

And do you remember how awful phpBB's search was? Discourse's one seems far better to me.

Either way, if you want to complain about Discourse, this isn't the best place to do it. We aren't going to change forum software again, at least for a long time, unless some real issues come up. It's a lot of work, and most of us find it a massive improvement over phpBB.


It wasn't the top of my results, because i wasn't using the advanced search. I wasn't using the advanced search, because things are well hidden in this forum software ;). But thanks for the hint. When i'm in the middle of answering someone's question, i don't feel like pondering about, where i can do simple things like typing two search items (the author, in this case). But anyway, i didn't mean to say, the old software should be reinstated. There are things in the new software, i like better, like the clearer organising of new posts, or the possibility to edit typos, etc.

Not really, but is suppose, i just was so used to it, also from other BB forums, that all actions were sort of automatized for me. In this case here, i somehow didn't see that "options" link, which would have solved the problem. Thanks. I guess, it will still take some more time for me, to find all the features in the new forum. I remember that i had to search, where alle the sub forums have gone (like this one, the Off Topic).


First result for me too, regular search on the top right. Nothing advanced required.

Doesn't look like Leo was using Advanced Search to me.


Then really i don´t know, what the heck i did.



No one does :slight_smile:


Indeed, I wasn't. Advanced Search is shown as an option at the top of search results (at least on mobile) but wasn't expanded or being used.


Been using the new forum for a while now. Its awesome.
The mark down is nice, and being able to screen shot to clipboard on my PC then paste in the forum without saving the image first is tops.