...the operation is not supported by this VFS

I am trying to use and/or adapt a Leo toolbar.

[url]Scrap Collection toolbar]

I get:

An error occured creating collection 'coll://Scrap':
The operation is not supported by this VFS.

after which I am presented with a new collection dialog box. It is already populated with the 'Scrap' and an OK press and the script continues normally.

@nodeselect CreateFolder READAUTO=NO NAME="coll://Scrap" Copy TO="coll://Scrap" COPYTOCOLL=member

All of the buttons have the same behavior as they all Createfolder.

My DO build is

Any ideas? I am certain this must not be the desired result. I am bewildered.

Seems like something changed recently which means CreateFolder no longer works to create a collection.

I'm sure it worked in since that was what I tested the toolbar against. It's definitely not working for me now in

I've sent in a report.

:shock: - Will it come back?

What do you think?

I've discovered why it works on some configurations and not others:

This problem will occur if you have turned on Settings - Preferences / Listers / Folder Tree: File Collections: Display under the Desktop item. This is true even if the parent File Collections item is turned off, or the tree itself is hidden. This has been reported to GPSoftware.

That is a very interesting observation Leo and as it were, right on the money. Grin. I can go about making my buttons before I completely forgot what I wanted them for in the first place.

@steve - not if but when...
lol... I guess I should have taken out the trash BEFORE spending 4 and a half hours trying to figure out why this didn't work. I guess I'll be springing for dinner and a movie....hehe.



Resolved in DO

My thanks