The picture in the theme is missing

When a theme contains a custom picture, the pictures included in the theme don't work when you apply the theme.

The picture is in the lower right corner of the file list.

test.dlt (98.6 KB)


How are you applying that image to the file display?

If you are doing it via Preferences / Display / Images and the File Display drop-down in the bottom half of that window, then it should be saved as part of the theme.

If you are instead doing it via particular folder formats (via Preferences / Folders / Folder Formats) then that won't be saved as part of a theme. (We've considered adding those things to themes, but we don't think it would really work, because everyone has different folders and folder formats.)

Preferences / Display / Images

With bandzip, open this theme file and you'll see the picture of the settings, but applying the saved theme again will lose the set picture.

The theme works OK, but there is a problem where images won't be imported from the theme if your config folder does not already have an Images directory. Maybe you are running into that problem?

i.e. Go to /dopusdata via the path field in Opus, and make sure Images exists below there. If it doesn't, create an empty Images folder. Then the theme should work fine.

We will get that fixed.