The virtual optical drive is not working well in 12.20.5

The virtual drive software is DAEMON Tools Ultra 5.8.

I double-clicked the ISO file. In the previous version, the directory tree automatically created a virtual CD-ROM drive and opened the file. After removal, the CD of the directory tree is automatically deleted, and the opened directory is returned.
But in 12.20.5, there is no change after double-clicking, but continue to double-click to open the disc. There is no response after the removal, the disc can only be cleared after restarting opus.

Does it work in File Explorer?

Is the ISO plugin turned on in Opus? You'll want to turn it off if you want to use DT instead. (Preferences / Zip & Other Archives / Plugins)

Works very well.

I just installed 12.20.5 this afternoon, it was 12.20 before and it worked perfectly.No settings have been modified.

Please check the setting.

I reinstalled 12.20 again, without changing the settings, everything is normal.

If you want to ignore my suggestions instead of checking a simple thing and saying if it's on or off then feel free to solve the problem your own way. I am not sure why you asked here though. :slight_smile:

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I just want to give feedback. :grinning:
However, I just reinstalled 12.20.5, without changing the settings, everything is normal, I don't know what the reason is, maybe I just miss you. :grinning: