Theme Import and Other Issues


 I am new to DO8 and am currently using an evaluation copy.

 At the moment, it seems to be working very well and I'm happy. 

 But I have a problem loading a theme. Will the evaluation copy enable me to do this, or till registering a license copy.

The sync feature is okay but I would like to sync a file to more than one folder. Like the Syncback SE.

The zip has no password feature which I use quite frequently.

The Antivir context menu scan is gone with all the folders except for local drives (folder tree on the left pane).

The secure delete feature has conflict issues with Eraser, if enabled.

Overall, I think I'm quite good to go with the app.

Theme importing should work fine in an eval version, assuming the evaluation period hasn't expired. I don't think any features are crippled while you are evaluating. Maybe the theme file is bad?

You'd have to do one sync and then another I guess. Opus isn't as advanced as dedicated Sync tools.

Yeah it does: Preferences, ZIP Files, Settings, Ask for encryption/compression settings when copying into ZIP files.

Does it show up okay if you right-click a folder within the file display area instead of the folder tree?

If it doesn't show up in either place, check you haven't turned on Preferences, Miscellaneous, Windows Integration, Hide Windows items on file contest menus.

Conflicts in what way? My guess is that when Opus does a secure delete it will open the file, write random data over it a few times, then delete it. Seems strange that another program would conflict with that, although I'm not familiar with Eraser.