Themes don't save custom toolbar images?

When saving a theme the individually set toolbar images are not redrawn when the theme is reloaded, only the Standard toolbar image, when set on a toolbar, appears. The actual images are still there to be used though.

Standard toolbar image is there after a reload

But a custom toolbar image is not, although its still in the list as all images have been saved

Themes don't save any connection between individual toolbars and background images.

(There would not be much point since no one else you're sharing the theme with is going to have a "Spacer Bar" toolbar, for example.)

spot the empty toolbar :grinning:

seriously though, perhaps an option to save/restore individual toolbar images would be nice.

Please restore individual toolbar images. At the moment when switching themes, night to day, pretty to prettier, etc., I am having to spend extra time restoring the individually set toolbar images or go without.