Themes will not work after saving them

Themes will not work after saving them; it says that the save was successful but is not.

Everything that I have read on Themes say that the themes are saved under Program Files\Directory Opus\Themes. There is a folder there but there is only one default theme in it (Plain.dlt).

The new themes that I saved end up under Documents and Settings\My Name\Applications\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\Themes.

When I load one it loads only my older screens without any images but it says it was successful.

I have no idea why this is not working.


I think someone had reported the same (images not working in the theme) not TOO long ago. They may have even uploaded a sample theme showing the problem (upon request) for others here to test with a draw some conclusions, but I admit to NOT actually checking back on that thread and testing it...

Now is as good a time as any to resume an effoer to work it out... feel free to upload an example theme for testing.

Which images are not restored?

Themes do not restore images set in Folder Formats, for example. (Since everyone has different folders. Even standard folders may be in different places if Windows is installed to a different dir, or on different versions of Windows.) Actually, they do restore the images themselves but they do not hook them up to any folders/formats.

Themes do (or at least should) restore all of the generic/default images. Essentially, the Preferences - Display - Images page should be saved and restored by themes, along with font colours, sounds and a few other things.

Morning, Leo.

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None of the images are being restored (Im very thankful for the backup utility; it is getting quite the workout lately).

I am using four images
1: Tree.
2: File area.
3: Icon bar.
4: Status bar.

I guess I do not understand any of that :unamused:

All my themes are in one place and I am not on any networks (a single home computer with no other users).

I can boot the computer up, double-click on the desktop to bring up Opus, save a Theme and immediately reload the newly saved Theme and all my images are gone. It does not get any simpler than that but it does not work.

I have made the Lister with the images the default Lister.
I tried the desktop double-click two ways as set to Default Lister and as set to Last used Lister; they both restore blank without any images.

Do not understand why this is happening.

This should be a simple process but like everything else with Opus it is not.

Do not get me wrong; I LOVE Opus but it seems that way too many things are very hard and complicated to get set up.

I suppose it has to do with the vast amount of configurability that Opus has to offer, but as one person once said A little choice is a good thing, too much choice causes confusion and right now I am really confused :frowning:

HELP ME :exclamation: