TheMovieDB Poster&Info Downloader V2.0


TheMovieDB-Downloader FILE {filepath$} TITLEREGEXP="(.*)\(.*" ERRFILE INFOFILE BACKDROP

if this it not working, please give some example file names.

The order of the parameters is important?! wasn't aware of that.

But anyway the problem probably was the missing "FILE" argument, that is mandatory and was missing in the command Trudefix has posted.

TheMovieDB-Downloader FILE {filepath$} TITLEREGEXP="(.*)\(.*)" ERRFILE INFOFILE BACKDROP

It isn't usually important but it can be. e.g. If one of the arguments is /R and eats everything that comes after it. /O arguments can also eat the word that comes after them if it's not another keyword.


^   ^ ^
1   2  3
  1. (.*) every character from the beginning of the file name, and first regexp group => Movie Title
  2. \( first "(" Character, escaped with \ as we want the actual ( not the regexp meaning
  3. .* everything after the first "(" character

Filenames where this patter makes sense
The Matrix (1999).avi
<MovieTitle> (<Year>).avi


Inception (2010) [en-de].mkv
<MovieTitle> (<Year>) [<languagetracks>].mkv

ok, i switched the order. But i got the same error .. "404" :confused:

What can be the reason ? DOpus has full access to LAN and WWW (testet with FTP).

I'm very confused :unamused: :question:

have you added the "file" parameter?


and could you give some example file names you tried.

Fair enough, thanks for the explanation.

Hi, ok .. i have found the misstake :/.


now it works .. "FILE" was missing.

Now i have a last question.
How can i select the Language of info file ? My favorite lang is german :smiley:.


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can the script updatet to use imdB like MediaPortal ?

The MovieDB Api supports different languages, but the script is only using default (english) at the moment.
I have some ideas for the script (e.g. better support for custom columns, configurable info file), and language support is on the list too, but at the moment it has everything I need, and I don't have the time for "nice to have" things :cry:
but feel free to enhance the script yourself, minimal language support is probably relatively easy to add, it might just be a hardcoded addition to the url, if you don't need to be flexible on a per file basis.

nope, the script uses the TheMovieDB API, even if imdb has a public api, it will be different.

Am I correct in thinking that this script added to a button will download any files (posters etc) that are available for the particular movie:

TheMovieDB-Downloader FILE {filepath$} TITLEREGEXP="(.*)\(.*"

Do I need to do anything else to get any other files that are available? I have this working but only get a poster. I am assuming that is because nothing else is available.

no, not correct.
the script only downloads one (the main/first) poster of the particular movie.

with the parameter BACKDROP you could download one (again main/first) backdrop image
and with parameter INFOFILE you could save some of the movie meta data to a text file.

To enhance the script and iterate over all available posters for a movie would probably be relatively easy. Feel free to enhance the script for your requirements. If you plan on mass downloading all posters for a large number of movies, it just would ask you to create and use your own api key, to avoid impact for others due to possible quota restrictions.

Hi Miran;

Great script, first of all. I use it all the time for my movie folder. It is a lifesaver for me as I have some 1600 movies and trying to remember all of their abstracts would otherwise be impossible. Thanks so much for it.

The interesting issue I have is two-fold.

  1. I have been getting script errors where it is looking at my Pictures folder, for instance, and obviously having no movie to parse to the IMDB API. I have downloaded the latest Alpha build and so far it seems that this has been fixed somehow. Not sure if that was intentional or not but will let you know if I see any more examples and will attach with script output, etc.

  2. The odd issue I've encountered is the following:

  • I navigate to my Movie folder
  • I have it so that most recently added movies are at top of list
  • I have a view that includes most of the Downloader script columns
  • When I scroll down as the movie abstracts, etc are filling in, I get abstracts that are duplicated even though the movies are different (see attachment).

This issue is not the end of the world but it is annoying at times. Any thoughts on why this would happen?

BTW, no script errors are flagged when this is happening...

Windows 10 Pro
DOpus v11.18
Movie folder containing some 160 movies in format "Movie Name.ext)

Hi all;

Just wondering if anyone has any issues (or fixes) like I do with the above...

Also, I am wondering if it might be possible to do the following:
Take the abstract text (e.g "U.S Navy Seal Chris Kyle...") and put it into the Description field so that it is permanently embedded in the file. That way I do not have to be downloading the abstract every time I access my movies folder... Open to any and all suggestions and whether it is doable in the first place. Thanks in advance.

can it work with opus 10?
im not able to find
Open Preferences / Toolbars / Scripts

not able to install..

It requires Opus 11 or above. Opus 10 did not have scripting.

(First line of the post: utilizing the new DOpus 11 Script functionality.)

:smirk: yeah i had doubt ...thats why i asked if it could work with OPUS 10.
thx for quick reply as always.

Hi there, Just wondering if there will be a new version of this awesome plugin as moviedb(dot)org has gone belly up ?