There is a delay of a few seconds when opening the right-click context menu


As the image above shows, the first right-click on the file loads for a few seconds, and subsequent quick clicks have no delay. But wait a while and then click again, and there's a delay again.

I tried turning off Windows Integration, but there is still a delay every time I hold shift and right click. I also tried disabling all contextmenu items with ShellExView, and it still delays inside DO.

I am trying out opus13 and still have this problem. Disabling items within ShellExView doesn't seem to affect the display in opus.

Try the context_menu_debug steps from here:

That will usually indicate which part of the context menu is taking a long time.

Although the gif above doesn't look that slow to me. If things are slow only on the first right-click, it's probably due to shell extensions DLLs being loaded for the first time (which also means they're probably being virus scanned).

Thank you for your prompt response.
There is a delay of about one to two seconds when clicking for the first time, but Windows Explorer does not have this issue.
I followed the tutorial to debug, and I think it's caused by Kaspersky. It's probably because of Kaspersky's virus scan. However, even though I disabled all Kaspersky-related items in ShellExView, Kaspersky still loads when I right-click.
Is there any way to make opus the same as Windows Explorer?