Three generations of DOpus

I just dusted of my old Amiga 1200 to use at a friends stag party (yes, our stags include Amigas). I just had to post these screenshots from it and of what I use today. The similarities are striking. Also, I hadn't fully realized how awesome Jon is until I looked at who wrote all of these. Sorry for the bad picture quality. I thought about taking proper screenshots but the logistics of moving a file from an old A1200 to a modern PC are mind boggling.


The middle one also has icons by Trevor Morris & myself, as well as my font. Funny to think we've all been using and working together on bits of this thing for such a long time now. Jon much more than the rest of us, of course.

There was a long, sad few years where I gave up on the Amiga and switched to Windows, wishing there was anything remotely like Opus for it, until Jon emailed me to ask if I wanted to test a very early version of Opus 6 for Windows. Happy days. :slight_smile:

Hi gieron, this was an awesome post dude! I shared one of your pics on a recent Opus article I wrote, hope you don’t mind (link below). ... ing-review

Thanks !

Not at all. You have some really good articles. I think I will have to bookmark it for further reading.

Memories... agreed, Leo, hard to believe how much time has flown by.