Three issues today

question 1 see image with FILE TYPES

see image attached, reference text on the LHS under CONTENTS/ INDEX// SEARCH,

how do i change the size of this text. it is impossible small and thus very hard to read

as an aside why is it that the ppl who design these sort of programs make text as this SO DAMN SMALL. is it that they think it is artistically clever or fancy or arty cause frankly it really is a total pain its like ants from5 miles up crawling over a surface.
question2 see image with he wooden bowls etc

with each image i would like to include the FILE PATH. how can i do this

and now question 3
i got into some weird EDITING THING/ MODE.
what is this and what is it for. some how i got out of it and seem to be reposting my original support request again. i sort of apologise btbh i find your process of sending a help/ support request pretty mysterfying and quite complex. or maybe im just dumb.

GPS  software 2020 october 20

or maybe you ppl try to make things too complex by half. thb that's my experience with your program.
example. you name the branch where you install DIRECTORY OPUS in C: drive as GPSoftware

like come on. you call your software DIRECTORY OPUS then you place it in a tree branch called GPSoftware. talk about making it hard to find the install directory when i go lookng for the exe file or wot ever else i might need to find the home on this program.

as i have said before of this program it exhibits an overly complex logic in its design and a lack of out on the street simplicity of the user expectations. additionally there is really an excess of settings and configuration options.

tbh the only reason i use it is its obviously much better that the MICROSOFT EXPLORER which tbh is soooooooo bad that anything marginally better is a god send. but that's no excuse to offer a worms nest of ambiguity and complexity.

anyways that's my take on your efforts................................

with thanks
philip jh
west melbourne

Three issues today

Please Ask one question per thread.

It looks like you're either using an old version of Opus 12, or you've changed Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced: [Behavior] help_interface to CHM so that it uses the old Windows Help Viewer.

Microsoft have abandoned the Help Viewer, and it doesn't work well with high DPI screens. This is why we switched to displaying help via your web browser by default. Reset help_interface back to the default HTTP to get that.

Try Details + Thumbnails mode instead of Thumbnails, if you want that kind of information (for every file, not just one) and thumbnails at the same time.

There's a button for it on the default toolbars, but I'm not sure if it's there on the toolbars you're using. If not, it's the same as using Details mode and adding the Thumbnail column.

It's hard to guess without any information (why is there a screenshot of the folder tree here?).

Maybe you clicked on Settings > Customize Toolbars? That will put you into toolbar editing mode. You can click OK or Cancel in the Customize window to exit that.

Although optional, it is completely standard to put software under the company name. Other companies doing the same thing, just from looking at my own machine:

  • Adobe
  • Axialis
  • ComponentOne
  • ESET
  • EVGA
  • Google
  • HHD Software
  • Intel
  • Microsoft
  • NVIDIA Corporation
  • Oracle
  • Realtek
  • TechSmith
  • VMware

You did post everything twice to the forum. I deleted the duplicate thread for you.

If you think there are too many settings and options in Opus Pro, switch to the Light version. That's what it's there for.

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well i hope this gets back to the person who answered my queries, x3 of them. i think his name is leo.

question 1
how do i change the size of this text. it is impossible small and thus very hard to read

your reply.. excellent. worked im soo happy

It looks like you're either using an old version of Opus 12,
refer to image
your ver is current 2020 october 21

question 2

with each image i would like to include the FILE PATH. how can i do this

i pretty much have no idea from your instructions what you are suggestion and how to do this!!!!

as an aside maybe you should look at a film called margin call. go to 46.50 or there abuts where the boss of the co. is interrogating an employee. he the boss says to the employee, "speak
to me as you would as if i were a golden retriever": well as you may well know GRs are not known for their intelligence. so as it happens some of my acquaintances refer to me as their GR. im sure you get my drift. woofwoof

your suggestion "Try Details + Thumbnails mode instead of Thumbnails"
so where is it. what is it. i have searched n searched and come up with noughttttttt....

*here's a button for it on the default toolbars
wish i could find the ■■■■er.

it's the same as using Details mode and adding the Thumbnail column.
well details mode........great if i knew what it was and where to find it.

and just to re emphasise i do want the file pathway shown below each file image

clearly you and i have a very different view on this subject. see image

all i say is look at your web page it says DIRECTORY OPUS........ thats to me the name of the software or should be the name of the software i purchased.
also look at the software packaging as illustrated on the said same web page

i didnt purchase GPSSOFTWARE which in all honesty suggests GEOSPATIAL SOFTWARE or some other not so obvious what ever.
in fact looking through your web page i cant find any clear obvious reference to GPSSOFTWARE

i think i have made my point.................sufficiently.

philip jh
west melbourne

You have an extra S in there. It's GPSoftware, not GPSSoftware.

While I, like you, prefer the the name of the directory containing a program to be the name of that program without a company/author name and usually set it that way during installation of the program, Leo is absolutely correct that including the company/author name has been standard behavior for as long as I can remember so it's questionable whether this is a fair criticism of GPSoftware..

Assuming a relatively standard configuration, in the menu below the title bar, click View then Details + Thumbnails. I'm not sure that's what you want. I'm just trying to help you find it.

Please stay on-topic. It's hard enough to follow all the different issues in this thread already.

It's a button on the default toolbars. You're using your own custom toolbars, which complicates things.

Details mode is one of the ways you can view things in Opus, like Thumbnails mode. On your toolbars, it looks like it is the 2nd icon after your Z drive.

You already know how to add columns as you've added the Full Path column.

If you switch into Details mode, you can then add the Thumbnail column, which lets you see the thumbnail for each file alongside other information/columns, like Name, Extension and Full Path.

(When looking at the list of columns, Thumbnail is in the General category.)

Directory Opus is the name of the software. GPSoftware is the name of the company which makes the software. Like Google is the company which makes Chrome.

If you look in your own screenshot of the website, at the URL, you will see it says That is the company who makes Directory Opus.

If you're confused by the folder Opus is installed in then you're presumably also confused about Chrome being installed under C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome instead of C:\Program Files\Chrome.

I suggest you just don't worry about where the exe and dll files are. There is not usually any need to look at them.

This is getting silly now.

"GPSoft" is literally in your own screenshot, as well as in several places around the site.

It should not confuse you this much that the name of a company is not always the same as the name of one of that company's products. This is absolutely normal. Please drop the subject.

I am locking this thread as it's hard to follow, with so many different things being discussed at once, and it makes it difficult for other people who come to the forum with similar questions.

If you still need help with anything, please start a new thread for each question (unless the questions are closely related). Further rationale can be found here:

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