Thumbnail Cache for Menus is not working

Reading some menus after a Windows boot-up can take up to 12 seconds (per item in the menu). Often the menu seems frozen and refuses to move to any other menu selection until I actually click on an item (which loads a Lister). All is well after the item is read... until I reboot Windows. This tells me the icons are reading from memory and not from a disc cache.

When looking at the same thumbnails directly in a Lister they read one at a time (rather slowly).

I have looked at the Cache Thumbnails\Adjust cache settings and it always reads 99.1 MB used with a 300 MB setting. I cleared the cache and it now ALWAYS reads 0MB used with 300MB available which tells me it is not working.

When I turn thumbnails off for any of the menus the menu is then lighting fast.

Any ideas.


How are you showing thumbnails (rather than icons) in the menus?

Menus don't use the thumbnail cache at all (since they don't show thumbnails of files).

They don't? Than what is this?

All my new menus have thumbnails on them.


Presumably they're icons that you have assigned to the toolbar buttons.

Oh, my mistake. wherever I said Thumbnails let's change that to Icons.

So do we have an Icon cache?


No, Windows itself does but Opus doesn't.

Did not know that.

So is it normal for Opus to load menu icons so slowly?

Do you by chance know where the Windows 7 icon cache is so I can enlarge it?


Enlarging the Windows icon cache won't help.

If you put hundreds of external icons in an Opus menu, it's going to be slow the first time it is opened.

If you want to speed it up you could create an Opus IconSet, but that would only help if the menu is for fixed things, not something dynamic like Start Menu (i.e. made from a list of shortcut-files in your startmenu folder).


I found an Icon Cache form one of the Windows 7 sites. The file is called "Rebuild_Icon_Cache.bat" and it deleted the cache, rebooted the computer and re-built the cache. It however, did not improve anything... same problem. I think it is meant more for rebuilding the cache when some of Windows icons get messed up or the wrong icons get applied to files.

I have noticed an incontestably in how Opus handle icons and should be fixed...

1: If I look at the same folders directly in a Lister I can see the folder immediately & the icons will be built one at a time. The important thing here is I CAN VIEW THE FOLDER while the icons are being built. I can also leave the folder (while icons are being built) and move to another folder.

2: If I look at the same folders in an Opus menu I can NOT SEE the folder UNTIL all the icons are re-built. The important thing here is I CAN'T VIEW the folder UNTIL all icons arr built causing the folder to FREEZE until all icons are built. I also CAN'T MOVE to another folder (while the icons are being built). THIS IS VERY BAD!!

Fixing the menus to act more like a Lister (when building icons) will, within limits, resolve the icon building problem in menus as the menus will no longer freeze up while icons are being built. This will allow the user to at least view the menu item and to move on to another item without freezing up.

Can we get this fixed?


Possibly, but it won't be a high priority unless more people ask for it.

We don't have the resources to write you a custom/bespoke Start Menu replacement, which seems to be what you're looking for (from this & other threads).

Don't need that, just would like to see an obvious problem fixed (someday is OK, as long as it IS on the "to do list").

Oh, and a BIG THANK YOU for all you help to date. I know I can be a pain in the u-know-what but I love Opus and just want to push it as far as I can as so few program have this level of power.

Thanks again;