Thumbnail Column View

Show files as icons in thumbnail column view (not thumbnail grid view)
Could go somewhere about here

Here are 2 screenshots showing the difference between icons and thumbnails in a column view as currently implemented

I'm not sure what the point is. The thumbnail column is for showing thumbnails (the clue's in the name :slight_smile:).

The icon view cannot be sized consistintly with the font size. As can be seen from the Edge url icon there is no problem with sizing the icons and I would like all the other file icons likewise please.

The confusion comes from the icon column not being separate and sizeable from the actual filename.
Maybe the feature request should be for there to be a separate icon column like the thumbnail column.

This all seems to come back to your system having the DPI scaling set too low for your screen size or distance.

The standard icon size should be something that is easily visible on your screen. If standard icons (and font sizes, for that matter) are too small, increase the system scaling size to make them (and everything else) larger.

dpis alright - scalable icons would be nice.