Thumbnail generation debugging

I'm attempting to diagnose an issue with a 3rd-party shell extension which generates thumbnails for Explorer.

If I have Opus configured to use more than one thread for thumbnailing, this extension will periodically crash, taking Opus with it. The problem doesn't happen with Explorer, although I don't know if that uses multiple threads for its thumbnailing activities.

Is there any logging or other diagnostics I can view/enable in Opus that might give me any more information on what's going on when the crashes happen?

There may be some crash dumps, but they'd probably just indicate that a crash happened inside the 3rd party DLL. You'd need the code to the DLL to work out why it's crashing when called from more than one thread.

Sending the dumps to the people that make the DLL might let them find the problem on their side.

Oh, I have the code - it's open-source :slight_smile: Just before I start debugging, I was hoping there might have been logs.

Unfortunately there are no crash dumps being saved.

If you attach a debugger to dopus.exe and then trigger the problem, it'll usually break into the code then as well.

Thanks, I'll give that a try :slight_smile: