Thumbnail labels don't use multiple lines

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A user seeking for help in the german forum brought up the following.

If the number of thumbnail label lines is set to something different than 1, the filedisplay when showing thumbnails will not make use of the available lines to render the file labels. They only show in multiple lines after selecting the file and they will be visible as long as no other file is selected. Clicking the file display background to deselect all items does not do that (labels keep multi-line if the file was selected before).

This looks like something which is unintentional? The labels not using multiple lines is true for items names which do not make use of blanks it seems, but since even those labels show up when selecting items, it seems it's a quirk rather than some kind of technical limitation.

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I'm currently having the same issue... I'm dealing with a lot of images and files that tend to have underscores instead of spaces and they get cut off when they would fit otherwise.
I was kind of hoping that adding "_" to the "wordbreak_char_names" in the Advanced options but only to find out that it only affects renaming.
I find it kind of inconsistent that one part of the program will recognize those additional word breaks while another doesn't.

@Mulpius Are you able to use files with spaces in them? It's pretty easy to create a rename rule to replace underscores to spaces :slight_smile:

Renaming is possible in some cases and for a few folders I've already done that, but at other time the filenames are formatted without spaces for web safety reasons because they are part of a website or other web project.
In those cases having to rename the files might break stuff.

It seems this topic was not solved yet. Why is there no line-break when the file name has no spaces inside? Can this be fixed?

The explorer shows the full file name.

It also an issue because you can even not see the file type extension.

Improvements to that are coming, as part of a large overhaul of thumbnails rendering.

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